525 London Road, Thornton Heath Surrey CR7 6AR
Tel/Fax 020 8684 8200
Email enquiries@croydonmosque.com
Jamaat Times
Fajr 4:30am
Zohr 1:30pm
Asr 7:45pm
Maghrib 9:10pm
Isha 10:20pm
Juma 1 1:20pm
Juma 2 2:20pm


Our aim is to educate the youth of the Ummah to inculcate the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah into their daily lives. In gaining Islamic knowledge and morals, students will be equipped to confidently transition into adulthood with a dignified character and respectable values that will further benefit the wider community and future generations.

The Croydon Mosque and Islamic Centre Madrasah provides structured learning for boys and girls aged 4-17. Children are taught Qur’anic and Islamic studies alongside authentic du’a & adhkaar memorisation.

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Madrassah Registration for New Students
Parents must register their child at: https://cmic.raziil.com/screens/registration.aspx registration image 1 registration image 2 registration image 3 registration image 4

Direct Debit for madrasa Fees
"Direct debit payments are now compulsory for paying fees at Croydon Mosque."
Please setup on the following link no later than 5th Janaury 2024
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Madressah timings
Weekdays: Mon to Fri 5pm to 7pm.
Weekend: Sat and Sun 10am till 12.30pm